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Welcome to “The Ultimate React Course 2023″ from! With our in-depth, online video course, delve into the realm of recent web development. This course, which has more than 30 hours of interesting content, is made to provide you the skills and information you need to understand React, Redux, and other platforms Ultimate React Course.

Take advantage of our amazing offering, “The Ultimate React Course 2023,” proudly provided to you by, and enter the exciting world of modern web development! Take yourself in this thorough, free video course that has been carefully designed to provide you an unmatched learning experience.

This course is the entrance to expertise, whether you’re a skilled developer looking to improve your abilities or a novice eager to find out more about the world of web programming. Learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful user interfaces, take advantage of state management, and master the craft of building amazing web experiences that have a lasting impression.

Table of Contents

Learn React and Redux in-depth with The Ultimate React Course 2023, a complete online video course. Explore more than 30 hours of captivating content that is meant to help both new and experienced developers. Improve your web development skills with the help of this instructional tool from

What You’ll Learn:

  • Become an advanced, confident, and modern React developer from scratch.
  • Build 8+ beautiful projects, including one HUGE professional real-world app.
  • Become job-ready by working with libraries and tools used in professional projects.
  • Join my other 1,500,000+ happy students on this journey.
  • Think like a senior React engineer with advanced design patterns.
  • React fundamentals: components, JSX, props, events, state, forms.
  • State management: thinking about state, where to place, local vs. global, UI vs. remote.
  • Build reusable, composable, and versatile components.
  • Master the confusing but important useEffect hook once and for all.
  • Build many custom hooks, reusable in your future projects.
  • Build single-page applications with React Router (including v6.4+ with data loading).
  • Performance optimization with memo, useMemo, useCallback, and code splitting.
  • Advanced React features: useReducer, Context API, cloneElement, portals, etc.
  • Advanced state management with Redux, Redux Toolkit, Thunks, React Query.
  • Build real-world app features: authentication, data sorting, filtering and pagination, dark mode, charts, etc.
  • Understand how React actually works behind the scenes: virtual DOM, reconciliation, fiber tree, key prop, etc.
  • Style your apps with Tailwind CSS, CSS Modules, Styled Components (CSS-in-JS).
  • Practice your skills with many challenges, exercises, and practice projects.

Course content

1. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Ultimate React Course!

  • Course Roadmap and Projects
  • Building Our First React Appl
  • Watch Before You Start!
  • Read Before You Start!
  • Downloading Course Material


  • Introduction to Pan 1
  • Useful Resources for Part 1

3. A First Look at React

  • Section Overview
  • Why Do Front-End Frameworks Exist?
  • React vs. Vanilla JavaScript
  • What is React?
  • Setting Up Our Development Environment
  • Pure React
  • A Quick Look at React’s Official Documentation
  • Setting Up a New React Project: The Options
  • Setting Up a Project With Create-React-App

4. [Optional] Review of Essential JavaScript for React

  • Section Overview
  • Destructuring Objects and Arrays
  • Rest/Spread Operator
  • Template Literals
  • Ternaries Instead of if/else Statements
  • Arrow Functions
  • Short-Circuiting And Logical Operators: &&, II, ??
  • Optional Chaining
  • The Array map Method
  • The Array filter Method
  • The Array reduce Method
  • The Array sort Method
  • Working With Immutable Arrays
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: Async/Await

5. Working With Components, Props, and JSX

  • Section Overview
  • Rendering the Root Component and Strict Mode
  • Before We Start Coding: Debugging
  • Components as Building Blocks
  • Creating And Reusing a Component
  • What is JSX?
  • Creating More Components
  • JavaScript Logic in Components
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Styling React Applications
  • Passing and Receiving Props
  • Props, Immutability, and One-Way Data Flow
  • CHALLENGE Profile Card (ul)
  • The Rules of JSX
  • Rendering Lists
  • Conditional Rendering With &&
  • Conditional Rendering With Ternaries
  • Conditional Rendering With Multiple Returns
  • Extracting JSX Into a New Component
  • Destructuring Props
  • React Fragments
  • Setting Classes and Text Conditionally
  • Section Summary
  • CHALLENGE Profile Card (v2)

6. State, Events, and Forms: Interactive Components of Ultimate React Course

  • Section Overview
  • Let’s Build a Steps Component
  • Handling Events the React Way
  • What is State in React?
  • Creating a State Variable With useState
  • Don’t Set State Manually!
  • The Mechanics of State
  • Adding Another Piece of State
  • React Developer Tools
  • Updating State Based on Current State
  • More Thoughts About State + State Guidelines
  • A Vanilla JavaScript Implementation
  • CHALLENGE Date Counter (VI)
  • Starting a New Project: The “Far Away” Travel List
  • Building the Layout
  • Rendering the Items List
  • Building a Form and Handling Submissions
  • Controlled Elements
  • State vs. Props
  • EXERCISE Flashcards
  • CHALLENGE #2: Date Counter (v2)

7. Thinking In React: State Management of Ultimate React Course

  • Section Overview
  • What is “Thinking in React”?
  • Fundamentals of State Management
  • Thinking About State and Lifting State Up
  • Reviewing “Lifting Up State”
  • Deleting an Item: More Child-to-Parent Communication!
  • Updating an Item: Complex Immutable Data Operation
  • Derived State
  • Calculating Statistics as Derived State
  • Sorting Items
  • Clearing the List
  • Moving Components Into Separate Files
  • EXERCISE #1: Accordion Component (VI)
  • The “children” Prop: Making a Reusable Button
  • More Reusability With the “children” Prop
  • EXERCISE #2: Accordion Component (v2)
  • CHALLENGE Tip Calculator

8. [Optional] Practice Project: Eat-‘N-Split

  • Section Overview of Ultimate React Course
  • Project Setup
  • Building the Static App: List of Friends
  • Building the Static App: Forms
  • Displaying the New Friend Form
  • Adding a New Friend
  • Selecting a Friend
  • Creating Controlled Elements
  • Splitting a Bill


  • Introduction to Part 2
  • Useful Resources for Part 2

10. Thinking in React: Components, Composition, and

  • Section Overview of Ultimate React Course
  • Setting Up the “usePopcorn” Project
  • How to Split a IJI Into Components
  • Splitting Components in Practice
  • Component Categories
  • Prop Drilling
  • Component Composition
  • Fixing Prop Drilling With Composition (And Building a Layout)
  • Using Composition to Make a Reusable Box
  • Passing Elements as Props (Alternative to children)
  • Building a Reusable Star Rating Component
  • Creating the Stars
  • Handling Hover Events
  • Props as a Component API
  • Improving Reusability With Props
  • PropTypes
  • CHALLENGE #1: Text Expander Component

11. How React Works Behind the Scenes

  • Section Overview
  • Project Setup and Walkthrough
  • Components, Instances, and Elements
  • Instances and Elements in Practice
  • How Rendering Works: Overview
  • How Rendering Works: The Render Phase
  • How Rendering Works: The Commit Phase
  • How Diffing Works
  • Diffing Rules in Practice
  • The Key Prop
  • Resetting State With the Key Prop
  • Using the Key Prop to Fix Our Eat-‘N-Split App
  • Rules for Render Logic: Pure Components
  • State Update Batching
  • State Update Batching in Practice
  • How Events Work in React
  • Libraries vs. Frameworks & The React Ecosystem
  • Section Summary: Practical Takeaways

12. Effects and Data Fetching of Ultimate React Course

  • Section Overview
  • The Component Lifecycle
  • How NOT to Fetch Data in React
  • useEffect to the Rescue
  • A First Look at Effects
  • Using an async Function
  • Adding a Loading State
  • Handling Errors
  • The useEffect Dependency Array
  • Synchronizing Queries With Movie Data
  • Selecting a Movie
  • Loading Movie Details
  • Adding a Watched Movie
  • Adding a New Effect: Changing Page Title
  • The useEffect Cleanup Function
  • Cleaning Up the Title
  • Cleaning Up Data Fetching
  • One More Effect: Listening to a Keypress
  • CHALLENGE #1: Currency Converter

13. Custom Hooks, Refs, and More State

  • Section Overview
  • React Hooks and Their Rules
  • The Rules of Hooks in Practice
  • More Details of useState
  • Initializing State With a Callback (Lazy Initial State)
  • useState Summary
  • How NOT to Select DOM Elements in React
  • Introducing Another Hook: useRef
  • Refs to Select DOM Elements
  • Refs to Persist Data Between Renders
  • What are Custom Hooks? When to Create One?
  • Creating our First Custom Hook: useMovies
  • Creating useLocalStorageState
  • Creating useKey
  • CHALLENGE useGeolocate

14. [Optional] React Before Hooks: Class-Based React

  • Section Overview
  • Our First Class Component
  • Working With Event Handlers
  • Class Components vs. Function Components
  • Starting the “Classy Weather” App
  • Fetching Weather Data
  • Displaying the Weather
  • Removing Boilerplate Code With Class Fields
  • Child to Parent Communication
  • Lifecycle Methods


  • Introduction to Part 3
  • Useful Resources for Part 3

16. The Advanced useReducer Hook

  • Section Overview
  • Yet Another Hook: useReducer
  • Managing Related Pieces of State
  • Managing State With useReducer
  • The “React Quiz” App
  • Loading Questions from a Fake API
  • Handling Loading, Error, and Ready Status
  • Starting a New Quiz
  • Displaying Questions
  • Handling New Answers
  • Moving to the Next Question
  • Displaying Progress
  • Finishing a Quiz
  • Restarting a Quiz
  • Setting IJp a Timer With useEffect
  • Section Summary: useState vs. useReducer
  • CHALLENGE #1: Creating a Bank Account With useReducer

17. React Router: Building Single-Page Applications (SPA)

  • Section Overview
  • Creating Our First App With Vite: “WorldWise”
  • Routing and Single-Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Implementing Main Pages and Routes
  • Linking Between Routes With and
  • Styling Options For React Applications
  • Using CSS Modules
  • Building the Pages
  • Building the App Layout
  • Nested Routes and Index Route
  • Implementing the Cities List
  • Implementing the Countries List
  • Storing State in the URL
  • Dynamic Routes With URL Parameters
  • Reading and Setting a Query String
  • Programmatic Navigation with useNavigate
  • Programmatic Navigation with

18. Advanced State Management: The Context API Ultimate React Course

  • Section Overview
  • CHALLENGE #1: Understand “The Atomic Blog” App
  • What is the Context API?
  • Creating and Providing a Context
  • Consuming the Context
  • Advanced Pattern: A Custom Provider and Hook
  • Thinking In React: Advanced State Management
  • Back to “WorldWise”: Creating a CitiesContext
  • Consuming the CitiesContext
  • Finishing the City View
  • Including a Map With the Leaflet Library
  • Displaying City Markers on Map
  • Interacting With the Map
  • Setting Map Position With Geolocation
  • Fetching City Data in the Form
  • Creating a New City
  • Deleting a City
  • Advanced State Management System: Context + useReducer
  • Adding Fake Authentication: Setting IJp Context
  • Adding Fake Authentication: Implementing “Login”
  • Adding Fake Authentication: Protecting a Route
  • CHALLENGE #2: Refactoring “React Quiz” to Context API

19. Performance Optimization and Advanced useEffect

  • Section Overview
  • Performance Optimization and Wasted Renders
  • The Profiler Developer Tool
  • A Surprising Optimization Trick With children
  • Understanding memo
  • memo in Practice
  • Understanding useMemo and useCallback
  • useMemo in Practice
  • useCallback in Practice
  • Optimizing Context Re-Renders
  • Back to The “WorldWise” App
  • Optimizing Bundle Size With Code Splitting
  • Don’t Optimize Prematurely!
  • useEffect Rules and Best Practices
  • CHALLENGE #1: Fix Performance Issues in “Workout Timer”
  • Setting State Based on Other State Updates
  • Using Helper Functions In Effects
  • Closures in Effects

20. Redux and Modern Redux Toolkit (With Thunks)

  • Section Overview
  • Introduction to Redux
  • Creating a Reducer: Bank Account
  • Creating a Redux Store
  • Working With Action Creators
  • Adding More State: Customer
  • Professional Redux File Structure: State Slices
  • Back to React! Connecting our Redux App With React
  • Dispatching Actions from Our React App
  • The Legacy Way of Connecting Components to Redux
  • Redux Middleware and Thunks
  • Making an API Call With Redux Thunks
  • The Redux DevTools
  • What is Redux Toolkit (RTK)?
  • Creating the Store With RTK
  • Creating the Account Slice
  • Back to Thunks
  • reating the Customer Slice
  • edux vs. Context API


  • Introduction to Pan 4
  • Useful Resources for Part 4

22. React Router With Data Loading (v6.4+)

  • Section Overview
  • Setting Up a New Project: “Fast React Pizza Co.”
  • Application Planning
  • Setting Up a Professional File Structure
  • A New Way Of Implementing Routes
  • Building the App Layout
  • Fetching Data With React Router “Loaders”: Pizza Menu
  • Displaying a Loading Indicator
  • Handling Errors With Error Elements
  • Fetching Orders
  • Writing Data With React Router “Actions”
  • Error Handling in Form Actions

23, [Optional] Tailwind CSS Crash Course: Styling the App

  • Section Overview
  • What is Tailwind CSS?
  • Setting Up Tailwind CSS
  • Working With Color
  • Styling Text
  • The Box Model: Spacing, Borders, and Display
  • Responsive Design
  • Using Flexbox
  • Using CSS Grid
  • Styling Buttons: Element States and Transitions
  • Styling Form Elements
  • Reusing Styles With @apply
  • Reusing Styles With React Components
  • Absolute Positioning, z-index, and More
  • Configuring Tailwind: Custom Font Family
  • Styling the Menu
  • Styling the Cart
  • Styling the Order Form
  • Styling the Order Overview

24. Adding Redux and Advanced React Router

  • Section Overview
  • Modeling the “User” State With Redux Toolkit
  • Reading and Updating the User State
  • Modeling the “Cart” State
  • Adding Menu Items to the Cart
  • Building the Cart Overview With Redux Selectors
  • Building the Cart Page
  • Deleting Cart Items
  • Updating Cart Quantities
  • Using the Catt for New Orders
  • Redux Thunks With createAsyncThunk
  • Integrating Geolocation
  • Fetching Data Without Navigation: useFetcher
  • Updating Data Without Navigation

25. Setting Up Our Biggest Project + Styled Components

  • Section Overview
  • Application Planning
  • Please Download Starter Files Again
  • Setting Up the Project: “The Wild Oasis”
  • Introduction to Styled Components
  • Global Styles With Styled Components
  • Styled Component Props and the “css” Function
  • Building More Reusable Styled Components
  • Setting Up Pages and Routes
  • Building the App Layout
  • Building the Sidebar and Main Navigation

26. Supabase Crash Course: Building a Back-End!

  • Section Overview
  • What is Supabase?
  • Creating a New Database
  • Modeling Application State
  • Creating Tables
  • Relationships Between Tables
  • Adding Security Policies (RLS)
  • Connecting Supabase With Our React App
  • Setting IJp Storage Buckets

27. React Query: Managing Remote State

  • Section Overview
  • What is React Query?
  • Setting Up React Query
  • Fetching Cabin Data
  • Mutations: Deleting a Cabin
  • Displaying Toasts (Notifications)
  • Introducing Another Library: React Hook Form
  • Creating a New Cabin
  • Handling Form Errors
  • Uploading Images to Supabase
  • Editing a Cabin
  • Abstracting React Query Into Custom Hooks
  • Duplicating Cabins
  • Fetching Applications Settings
  • Updating Application Settings

28. Advanced React Patterns

  • Section Overview
  • An Overview of Reusability in React
  • Setting Up an Example
  • The Render Props Pattern
  • A Look at Higher-Order Components (HOC)
  • The Compound Component Pattern
  • Building a Modal Window Using a React Portal
  • Converting the Modal to a Compound Component
  • Detecting a Click Outside the Modal
  • Confirming Cabin Deletions
  • Building a Reusable Table
  • Applying the Render Props Pattern
  • Building a Reusable Context Menu

29. [Optional] Implementing More Features: Authentication, Dark
Mode, Dashboard, etc

  • Section Overview
  • Client-Side Filtering: Filtering Cabins
  • Client-Side Sorting: Sorting Cabins
  • Building the Bookings Table
  • Uploading Sample Data
  • API-Side Filtering: Filtering Bookings
  • API-Side Sorting: Sorting Bookings
  • Building a Reusable Pagination Component
  • API-Side Pagination: Paginating Bookings
  • Prefetching With React Query
  • Building the Single Booking Page
  • Checking In a Booking
  • Adding Optional Breakfast
  • Checking Out a Booking (+ Fixing a Small Bug)
  • Deleting a Booking
  • Authentication: User Login With Supabase
  • Authorization: Protectinq Routes
  • User Logout
  • Fixing an Important Bug
  • Building the Sign Up Form
  • User Sign Up
  • Authorization on Supabase: Protecting Database (RLS)
  • Building The App Header
  • Updating User Data and Password
  • Implementing Dark Mode With CSS Variables
  • Building the Dashboard Layout
  • Computing Recent Bookings and Stays
  • Displaying Statistics
  • Displaying a Line Chart With the Recharts Library
  • Displaying a Pie Chart
  • Displaying Stays for Current Day
  • Error Boundaries
  • Final Touches + Fixing Bugs

30. Deployment With Netlify and Vercel

  • Section Overview
  • Deploying to Netlify
  • Setting Up a Git and GitHub Repository
  • Deploying to Vercel

31. The End!

  • Where to Go from Here

Requirements of Ultimate React Course:

  • No React Experience Necessary: Regardless of your past knowledge of React, this course is meant to take you from a beginner to an expert.
  • Understanding of JavaScript at the very least basic level is required for this course. But don’t worry; we’ve included a brief JavaScript review segment to brush up on your skills.
  • Suitable for any OS: Take this course using any computer and operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Your gadget doesn’t have any restrictions on how you learn.

Who this course is for:

  • recent graduates in JavaScript: This course is the ideal next step if you’ve just finished learning JavaScript and are ready for the next level.
  • Aspiring React Masters: If you want to gain a true mastery of React development, including the use of vital libraries like React Router, Redux, React Query, and others, then this course is for you. Clarity for React Learners: If you’re having trouble understanding React’s nuances or lack the self-assurance to create React apps of a professional caliber, this course will provide you the knowledge and insight you need.
  • React Developers Seeking Advancement: If you’ve been developing React applications but are drawn to the more sophisticated features like useReducer, performance optimization, or a better comprehension of React’s inner workings, consider taking one of the following courses.

The Ultimate React Course 2023″ – what is it?

A thorough, no charge video course called “The Ultimate React Course 2023” is available on It’s intended to aid in your proficiency with React, Redux, and other important web development tools.

How much time is the Ultimate React course?

With more than 30 hours of video footage, the course provides an abundance of information. Through real-world applications and interactive projects, you’ll develop a thorough understanding of React and related ideas.

Will I be given a certificate once the course is over?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of success from after successfully completing the course. This can help you show to future employers your new React abilities by adding value to your resume.

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