React Native: Advanced Concepts

Explore the world of React Native in greater detail with our extensive video course, “React Native: Advanced Concepts.” By becoming proficient in advanced React Native programming techniques and strategies, you may unleash your full potential as a mobile app developer. This course, which includes over 30 hours of painstakingly produced video content, is meant to improve your abilities and provide you the tools you need to develop innovative mobile applications.

Explore a multitude of advanced concepts, from state management to navigation, performance optimization, and beyond. Gain a profound understanding of React Native’s capabilities and learn how to harness its full potential to build robust and feature-rich applications.

Our methodical approach to teaching guarantees a smooth learning process, taking you through each module with accuracy and clarity. Make a seamless transition from basic ideas to more complex subjects, solidifying your understanding at each turn. Our instructional movies keep you interested and make learning fun and effective because to the dynamic voice used in them.

What You Will Learn React Native: Advanced Concepts:

  • Masterful Application Development:
  • Develop captivating applications utilizing the expert-level features of React Native.
  • Seamless Animations:
  • Create exceptionally smooth and high-performance animations to enhance user experience.
  • Expo-Powered App Creation:
  • Build new React Native applications effortlessly using the Expo framework.
  • Cutting-Edge Navigation Techniques:
  • Explore the latest navigation options for newly developed React Native apps, staying abreast of industry advancements.
  • Firebase Backend Logic:
  • Add functionality to your Firebase backend with the power of Google Cloud Functions.
  • Cross-Platform Push Notifications:
  • Implement cross-platform push notifications to keep your users informed and engaged.
  • Offline User Management with Redux Persist:
  • Effectively handle user interactions in offline mode by incorporating Redux Persist into your applications.

Course Content of React Native: Advanced Concepts

1. Expo Setup React Native: Advanced Concepts

  • Introduction – Start Here!
  • Github Links
  • Creating React Native Apps
  • Why Expo?
  • Creating Our First App

2. Animations with React Native

  • Animation Systems
  • The Animation Module
  • Animation from Square One
  • Moving a Ball
  • How Animations Work
  • Animation from Another Angle
  • Swipe Deck Props
  • Component Boilerplate
  • Deck Data
  • Interplay Between Components
  • Customizing Individual Cards

3. Handling Gestures

  • The Pan Responder System
  • Pan Responder’s Event Handlers
  • The Gesture Object
  • Dragging a Card

4. Applying Animation Styling

  • Animating Single Cards
  • How to Rotate Elements
  • Interpolating Rotation Values
  • Linear Relations with Interpolation
  • Limiting Rotation with Interpolation
  • Springing Back to Default
  • Detecting Minimum Swipe Distance
  • Programmatic Animation
  • Forcing Swipes
  • Callbacks on Swipe Completion

5. Component Reusability

  • Writing Reusable Components
  • The DefaultProps System
  • Resetting Card Position
  • Advancing the Deck
  • Handling Empty Lists
  • Getting the Cards to Stack
  • Troubleshooting Flashing Images
  • Cascading Card List
  • Animating Advancing Cards
  • Resetting the Index
  • Deck Wrapup

6. One Time Password Authentication

  • Review of Common Auth Flows
  • The Details of One Time Passwords
  • Tech Stack with Google Cloud Functions
  • Traditional Servers vs Google Cloud Functions
  • Layout of Google Cloud Functions
  • Firebase Project Setup
  • Deploying a Firebase Project
  • Testing Deployed Functions
  • Project File Structure
  • The Request and Response Objects
  • Generating a Service Account
  • Sanitizing User Inputs
  • Creating New Users
  • Testing New User Creation

7. Twilio Integration

  • Texting from Twilio
  • Twilio Credentials
  • Accessing Saved Users
  • Quick Note
  • Sending Texts to Users
  • Generating Access Codes
  • Verifying One Time Passwords
  • Invalidating Used Codes
  • Generating JWT’s

8. Client Side One Time Passwords

  • Transitioning to React Native
  • App Boilerplate
  • Defining Instance Properties
  • Invoking Cloud Functions
  • Refactoring with Async/Await
  • Debugging with Async/Await
  • Async/Await on User Signin
  • Capturing Tokens
  • Firebase Auth with a JWT
  • Breather and Review

9. Bringing it All Together

  • App Overview
  • Screen Walkthrough
  • More Screen Walkthroughs
  • App Challenges and Solutions
  • Screens vs Components
  • React Native Navigation Options
  • React Navigation in Practice
  • Screen Boilerplate
  • Implementing the First Navigator
  • Nesting Navigators
  • Wiring Up Stack Navigators
  • Class vs Instance Properties
  • Customization with Header Options
  • Programmatic Navigation
  • Styling the NavBar
  • The Welcome Screen
  • Styling the Welcome Screen
  • Even More Welcome Screen Styling!
  • Navigation from the Welcome Screen
  • More on Welcome Screen Navigation

10. Facebook Authentication

  • Facebook Auth Flow
  • The Facebook Dev Console
  • Redux Setup
  • Using Async Storage
  • Crazy Async/Await Syntax
  • Logging in With Facebook
  • Testing Facebook’s Login Flow
  • Quick Note
  • World’s Biggest Gotcha
  • The Auth Reducer
  • Skipping the Auth Screen
  • Testing Auth Flow
  • Advancing the Welcome Screen
  • Resolving the Loading Screen

11. MapViews on React Native

  • Showing a Map
  • Interacting with the MapView
  • Working around MapView Issues
  • Indeed API Key
  • The Indeed Jobs API
  • Location API Mismatch
  • Converting LatLong to Zip Code
  • Fetching a List of Jobs
  • Issuing Action Creators from MapScreen
  • The Jobs Reducer
  • Navigating from Action Creators
  • The Deck Screen
  • Importing the Deck Component
  • Applying the Swipe Component
  • Styling Job Cards
  • Customizing MapViews
  • Android Compatibility
  • Dynamic Key Props
  • One More Swipe Deck Fix
  • Liking a Job
  • Considering Only Unique Jobs
  • The Review Screen
  • Rendering a List of Liked Jobs
  • Applying to Jobs
  • Mapping a Jobs Location
  • Styling the Job Card
  • Clearing Liked Jobs
  • Redirecting Back to the Map
  • Callback Gotcha
  • Tab Bar Icons
  • Tab Bar Config
  • Android Specific Fixes

12. Offline Data Persistence

  • Push Notifications and Data Persistence
  • Persisting Application State
  • Wiring Up Redux Persist
  • How Redux Persist Works
  • Redux Persist – Huge Gotcha!

13. Push Notifications

  • Push Notification Overview
  • Registering For Push Notifications
  • Generating Push Tokens
  • Testing Notifications
  • More on Notifications and Wrapup

14. Bonus!

  • Bonus!

Course Requirements of React Native: Advanced Concepts:

  • Foundational Knowledge:
  • A basic understanding of React Native is recommended for optimal learning experience.
  • Prerequisite Skills:
  • Familiarity with React Native fundamentals will enhance your comprehension of advanced concepts.
  • Accessibility:
  • Access the course seamlessly with a foundational grasp of React Native, ensuring a smoother educational journey.

Target Audience:

  • Aspiring Developers:
  • Ideal for individuals aiming to advance their skills in React Native development.
  • Continuous Learners:
  • Suited for those in pursuit of in-depth knowledge and mastery of advanced React Native topics.
  • Mobile App Enthusiasts:
  • Tailored for anyone passionate about delving into the intricacies of React Native for robust mobile app development.

How long is the course?

The “React Native: Advanced Concepts” course features over 30 hours of video content, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

What topics are covered?

The course covers a wide range of advanced concepts, including state management, navigation, performance optimization, and more. It provides a deep dive into React Native programming.

How will this course benefit me?

By completing this course, you’ll gain mastery over advanced React Native concepts, empowering you to build high-quality, feature-rich mobile applications with confidence.

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