Electron & React JS – A Practical Guide for Chat App

Embark on an enlightening journey with our free video course, “Electron & React JS – A Practical Guide for Chat App,” hosted exclusively on howtofree.org. Dive into over 30 hours of immersive video content, meticulously crafted to demystify the dynamic duo of Electron and React JS.

Discover the Full Potential of Electron: Build dependable and scalable applications with ease by learning how to utilise Electron, a cross-platform desktop application framework. As we walk you through real-world events and practical applications, you’ll get practical experience.

Master React JS Techniques: Elevate your React JS skills to new heights. This course provides an in-depth exploration of React JS, focusing on its integration with Electron for creating interactive and feature-rich chat applications. From components to state management, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive and Practical Approach: Our educational journey goes beyond theory. Dive into practical, real-world examples that reinforce your understanding of Electron and React JS. Apply your knowledge through engaging exercises and build a solid foundation for creating compelling chat applications.

What you’ll learn:

  • Electron JS Fundamentals:
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Electron JS operates.
  • Real-Life Chat App Development:
  • Hands-on experience in creating a practical “real-life” chat application.
  • Native App Development Skills:
  • Learn to craft native applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • React JS Integration:
  • Master the synergy of React JS with Electron for enhanced application development.
  • Explore these key learning objectives to empower yourself with Electron and React JS expertise.

Course Content of Electron & React JS

1. Introduction

  • Introduction
  • New Section Added
  • How to solve issues

2. Electron Basics

  • Section Introduction
  • Initialize Electron
  • Create browser window
  • Features of electron
  • More about Electron & Notifications
  • Chrome vs Electron
  • Node integration
  • Code cleanup
  • Install React
  • Webpack Electron & React JS
  • Source Map + Debugging
  • Electron reload
  • Main & Renderer communication
  • Preload
  • Context bridge

3. Working on Layout

  • Section Introduction
  • Initial layout
  • Separation to components
  • Router
  • Back button + More views
  • Chat view
  • Link to the chat
  • Firebase
  • Get data from Firestore
  • Dotenv
  • Initial store
  • Create actions
  • Chat reducer
  • Display chats in the list

4. Authentication

  • Section Introduction
  • Welcome view
  • Toggling between forms
  • Get value from the form
  • Register a user
  • Create user profile
  • Listen to auth changes
  • Auth reducer
  • Logout
  • Login
  • Loading view
  • User in the navbar
  • Auth reducer refactor
  • Displaying errors
  • Login & Register reducer creator
  • Reusable error reducer
  • Reusable fetching reducer
  • Provide user to action
  • App refactor and store provider
  • Auth route
  • UX Improvements
  • Fix after logout
  • Layout HOC

5. Middlewares & Notifications Electron & React JS

  • Section Introduction
  • Check if application is connected
  • Action to check connection
  • Connection reducer
  • Middlewares
  • Notification util
  • Display notification

6. Chat Management

  • Section Introduction
  • Chat create view
  • Chat create form
  • Create a chat
  • Join the chat after create
  • Sort chats
  • Display sorted chats
  • Restart the state after logout
  • Join chat
  • Join the chat reducer
  • Subscribe to the chat
  • Extract users from the chat
  • Set active chat to reducer
  • Display joined users
  • Subscribe to profile
  • Unsubscribe from user
  • Check user connection
  • Save user online status to FS
  • Fixing online status after logout
  • Displaying state changes
  • Load chat improvements

7. Messaging

  • Section Introduction
  • Messenger component
  • Message object with timestamp
  • Send message action
  • Subscribe to message
  • Display messages
  • Extract message with author
  • Register message subscription
  • UX messages improvements
  • Scroll on bottom
  • Cleanup after logout
  • Unsubscribe from chat
  • Settings view
  • Settings reducer
  • Store data in local storage
  • Load initial settings
  • Custom storage
  • Display styling changes
  • Settings wrap up
  • Connection fix

8. Electron Native Features

  • Section Introduction
  • App menu
  • Multiple windows
  • Dock icon
  • Tray menu
  • Splash screen
  • Splash screen improvements
  • Webpack production
  • Build the app
  • App testing & Course Ending

9. Bonus: ChatGPT App

  • Init App
  • Security Concerns
  • Integrate React
  • React App Updates
  • Basic Layout + Model Explanation
  • Get Prompt Value
  • Handle Submit
  • Messages
  • Message Type
  • Simulate response
  • Message item component
  • Typewriter effect
  • Typewriter only for A1
  • Context Bridge
  • Describe electron type
  • Get value to main process
  • Get response back
  • Check empty message
  • Setup Open A1 Account
  • ChatGPT Explanations
  • Get response from A1
  • Handle Errors
  • Display Error Message
  • Create beter prompt
  • Publish the app

Requirements of Electron & React JS:

  • Prerequisite Knowledge:
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript (ES6)
  • Familiarity with React JS
  • Essential Skills:
  • Proficiency in JavaScript (ES6)
  • Prior experience with React JS is recommended.

Who this course is for:

  • Practical Developers:
  • Developers seeking a hands-on and practical guide.
  • Web Technology Enthusiasts:
  • Individuals interested in harnessing web technologies (JS, HTML, CSS) to build native apps.
  • Simplified Native App Creators:
  • Developers in search of an effortless method to create native applications.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our course is designed to cater to learners of all levels, providing a solid foundation for beginners while offering advanced insights for experienced developers Electron & React JS.

What makes this course unique?

This course stands out with its practical approach, offering over 30 hours of video content that guides you through the intricacies of Electron and React JS. You’ll not only learn the theory but also gain hands-on experience in building a Chat App.

How can I access the course?

Simply visit howtofree.org and navigate to the “Electron & React JS – A Practical Guide for Chat App” section. The entire course is available for free, empowering you to learn at your own pace.

Free Join us on a learning adventure, where the fusion of Electron and React JS opens doors to endless possibilities in the realm of chat application development. Start your educational journey today!

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