AWS Cloud Formation Master Class v2 [2022]

Welcome to the AWS CloudFormation Master Class v2 [2022], a comprehensive and extensive video course that will provide you the knowledge and abilities you need to master AWS CloudFormation’s cloud infrastructure management skills. This course will lead you through every aspect of CloudFormation with more than 30 hours of interesting video content, whether you’re a skilled IT professional or a newbie eager to learn CloudFormation Master Class.

This course will take you on a transformative trip from the fundamentals to advanced topics, all the while using a variety of transition words to improve your knowledge and recall. It places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning. You’ll learn how to easily create, manage, and optimize cloud resources through a dynamic blend of active voice and instructional insights.

We will lead you through a carefully developed program that covers every facet of AWS CloudFormation in this 30-plus hour video course. You’ll learn how to easily develop, manage, and scale cloud resources, from the fundamentals to more complex methods. The course uses an active learning strategy and an engaging, informative tone to make difficult subjects more understandable.

Explore real-world use cases and scenarios that bridge the gap between theory and application, providing you with valuable insights into solving practical problems. The “AWS CloudFormation Master Class v2 [2022]” is designed to equip you with timeless skills that go beyond the course’s release year, ensuring your knowledge remains relevant and valuable as cloud technology evolves.

What you’ll learn

  • YAML
  • Parameters
  • SSM Parameter Types
  • Resources
  • Advanced Resources
  • DependsOn
  • DeletionPolicy
  • UpdateReplacePolicy
  • CreationPolicy
  • UpdatePolicy
  • Mappings
  • Pseudo Parameters
  • Outputs & Cross Stack References
  • Conditions
  • Rules
  • Metadata
  • CFN Init
  • Drift
  • Nested Stacks
  • StackSets
  • Deployment Options
  • ChangeSets
  • StackPolicy
  • Rollback
  • Termination
  • Service Roles
  • Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline
  • Custom Resources
  • Lambda & SNS
  • WaitCondition
  • Dynamic References
  • Registry, 3rd-party Resource Types & Modules
  • Resource Imports
  • SAM (Serverless Application Model) Intro
  • CDK (Cloud Development Kit) Intro
  • Macros
  • Template Validation
  • Best Practices

Course content of CloudFormation Master Class

1. AWS CloudFormation Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • What is CloudFormation? + Course Cost
  • About your instructor
  • Introduction Quiz

2. Code Download & Tools Setup

  • Code Download
  • VSCode Setup
  • VSCode Setup (video)

3. CloudFormation Introduction

  • First AWS CloudFormation Template
  • Summary of how CloudFormation works
  • CloudFormation Introduction Quiz

4. CloudFormation – Getting started

  • YAML Tutorial
  • JSON to YAML Practice Exercise
  • Creating an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
  • Updating an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
  • Deleting an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
  • CloudFormation Template Options
  • Using CloudFormation Designer
  • CloudFormation Building Blocks
  • Deploying CloudFormation Templates
  • Cost estimate for your templates
  • Getting started Quiz

5. CloudFormation Parameters

  • Parameters Theory
  • Parameters Hands-On
  • ADVANCED – SSM Parameter Type
  • ADVANCED – SSM Parameter Type Hands On
  • Parameters Quiz

6. CloudFormation Resources

  • Resources Overview
  • Resources Hands On
  • Optional Attributes for Resources
  • DependsOn
  • DeletionPolicy
  • UpdateReplacePolicy
  • Resources FAQ
  • Resources Quiz

7. CloudFormation Mappings

  • Mappings Overview
  • Fn::FindlnMap (accessing Mapping values)
  • Mappings Hands On
  • Pseudo Parameters in CloudFormation
  • Mappings Quiz

8. CloudFormation Outputs

  • Outputs Overview
  • Outputs Hands-On
  • Cross Stack Reference Hands On
  • Outputs Quiz

9. CloudFormation Conditions of CloudFormation Master Class

  • Conditions Overview
  • Fn::GetAtt (get attribute function)
  • Conditions Hands-On
  • Conditions Quiz

10. CloudFormation Rules

  • CloudFormation Rules
  • CloudFormation Rules Hands On
  • Rules Quiz

11. CloudFormation Metadata

  • Metadata Overview
  • AWS::CloudFormation::Designer Hands On
  • AWS::CloudFormation::lnterface Hands On
  • Metadata Quiz

12. CFN Init and EC2 User Data

  • EC2 User Data Overview
  • CloudFormation EC2 User Data
  • CloudFormation Init Overview
  • Packages
  • Groups and Users
  • Sources
  • Files
  • AWS::CloudFormation::Authentication
  • Fn::Sub (substitute function)
  • Commands
  • Services
  • CFN Init Scripts
  • CFN Init Hands-On
  • CreationPolicy
  • CFN Init Troubleshooting
  • User Data vs CloudFormation::lnit vs Helper Scripts
  • CFN Init Quiz

13. CloudFormation Drift

  • CloudFormation Drift
  • CloudFormation Drift Hands On
  • CloudFormation Drift Quiz

14. CloudFormation Nested Stacks

  • Nested Stacks Overview
  • Nested Stacks Hands On
  • Nested Stacks Updates
  • Nested Stacks Deletes
  • Nested Stacks vs Cross Stacks
  • Closing Comments on Nested Stacks
  • Nested Stacks Quiz

15. CloudFormation StackSets

  • Cost note (AWS Config may cost money)
  • StackSets – Overview
  • StackSets – Hands On
  • StackSets – Updates
  • StackSets – Drift
  • StackSets
  • Delete
  • StackSets Quiz

16. CloudFormation Deployment Options

  • ChangeSets
  • Stack Creation Failures
  • Rollback Triggers
  • Continue Rolling Back an Update
  • Stack Policy
  • Stack Termination Protection
  • CloudFormation Service Role / Template Role
  • Quick-create Links for Stacks
  • Deployment Options Quiz

17. CloudFormation – Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline
  • Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline – Hands On
  • Continuous Delivery Quiz

18. CloudFormation Resources – Advanced: Custom Resource
Registry, Modules

  • Custom Resources Overview
  • Custom Resources with AWS Lambda
  • Custom Resources with SNS
  • Custom Resources Closing Comments
  • WaitCondition
  • Dynamic References Overview
  • Dynamic References Hands On
  • UpdatePolicy Overview
  • UpdatePolicy Hands-On
  • CloudFormation Registry
  • CloudFormation Registry – Hands On
  • Template Modules
  • Template Modules Hands On
  • Resources Advanced – Quiz

19. Generating CloudFormation templates: Imports, SAM, CDK &

  • Resource Imports
  • Resource Imports Hands On
  • SAM – Overview
  • SAM – Hands On
  • CDK
  • Overview
  • CDK
  • Hands On
  • ADVANCED – Macros
  • ADVANCED – Macros Hands On
  • Generating CloudFormation Templates Quiz

20. Open-source and 3rd party projects for CloudFormation

  • Public Roadmap Coverage
  • Using the AWS CLI
  • Advanced Concepts & 3rd Party Tools
  • Template Validation
  • Open-source and 3rd Party Projects Quiz

21. Intrinsic Functions references

  • Intrinsic Functions References
  • Intrinsic Functions Quiz

22. Course Conclusion (including examples)

  • Best Practices for CloudFormation
  • Template Snippets & Samples
  • Congratulations & Next Steps!

Requirements of CloudFormation Master Class:

  • Basic understanding of AWS
  • Knowledge of JSON and/or YAML preferred
  • Recent Mac/Linux/Windows machine
  • Strong desire to learn new and exciting things!

Who this course is for:

  • Developers seeking to learn about AWS CloudFormation and template creation.
  • DevOps professionals looking to master CloudFormation template deployment and orchestration.
  • Solutions Architects aiming to explore the benefits of CloudFormation for infrastructure management and guide their teams accordingly.

Who should take this CloudFormation Master Class course?

IT experts, developers, and fanatics who want to grasp AWS CloudFormation for successful cloud resource management should take this course.

Do I need prior AWS experience?

While prior AWS knowledge is beneficial, the course starts with foundational concepts and gradually progresses to advanced techniques, making it accessible to learners of all backgrounds

Do practical labs figure in this?

Yes, practical labs are a crucial component of the course. They give you hands-on experience, enabling you to put what you’ve learned to use in actual situations.

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