The Ultimate Dark Web, Anonymity, Privacy & Security Course

Discover how to privately and securely access both the dark net and clear net with this comprehensive UDEMY free Ultimate Dark Web course. Learn the ins and outs of anonymity, and gain the knowledge to browse the internet without fear of prying eyes. Enroll now to learn how to safely navigate the web!

List of topics covered in Ultimate Dark Web, Anonymity, Privacy & Security Course:

  1. Learn anonymity, privacy & security through 85+ videos (10+ hours) from beginner to advanced level.
  2. Access the dark net and TOR hidden services (onion services) while maintaining anonymity.
  3. Install, configure & use private operating systems like TAILS & Qubes OS for enhanced privacy.
  4. Gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Monero, and learn to handle them anonymously.
  5. Privately communicate using emails and instant messages without compromising your privacy.
  6. Understand asymmetric & symmetric encryption and learn to manually encrypt, sign, decrypt and verify data.
  7. Discover how to obtain Bitcoin & Monero anonymously.
  8. Explore hidden services (onion services) on the darknet and use darknet search engines and services.
  9. Use Qubes & TAILS from usb sticks on any computer securely and without leaving any traces.
  10. Learn how to bypass censorship & connect to TOR even if it’s blocked using TOR bridges and pluggable transports.
  11. Understand what VPN is and how to use it with TOR.
  12. Configure TOR for maximum security & anonymity and handle and share files privately and anonymously.
  13. Use daknet email services and temporary email services to maintain privacy.
  14. Setup & use Jabber / XMPP to communicate privately on the dark net.
  15. Learn about end-to-end encryption and understand symmetric and asymmetric encryptions.
  16. Use PGP to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify integrity of data.
  17. Gain knowledge about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Monero and use exchanges to convert one cryptocurrency to another.
  18. Anonymously transfer funds using Bitcoin & Monero.
  19. Secure your computer and your data by dividing it into a number of isolated domains.
  20. Handle files (even malware/viruses) securely without affecting your computer.


  • Basic IT Skills.
  • No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory.
  • Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux.

The Ultimate Dark Web Free Video Course Description:

Take your privacy, anonymity, and security to the next level with the ultimate dark web course free udemy! Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced user, this comprehensive course will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to explore both the dark net and clear net safely, securely, and anonymously. You’ll learn how to discover data and websites on the dark web and clear web, access hidden (onion) services, communicate privately using instant messages and email, manually use end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy, share files anonymously, transfer funds using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero, and much more!

The Ultimate Dark Web Free Video Course covers four main topics: anonymity, privacy, the dark net, and security. You’ll learn how to achieve anonymity using the TOR network, how to use private operating systems like TAILS and Qubes OS, how different types of encryption work, and how to use crypto-currencies anonymously. Additionally, you’ll gain the skills necessary to search for websites and content on both the clear net and dark net, discover hidden services, and carry out your normal tasks privately and anonymously.

Furthermore, security is an essential component of the course, as it demonstrates how to take your privacy and anonymity to the next level by dividing your computer into a number of security domains.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll have 24/7 support, and any questions you have can be posted in the Q&A section and answered within 15 hours.

Please note that this the Ultimate Dark Web, Anonymity, Privacy & Security Course is created for educational purposes only and is not associated with any other organization or certification exam aside from the Course Completion Certification provided.

Ultimate Dark Web, Anonymity, Privacy & Security Course Breakdown:


  • Introduction to Privacy Anonymity and Security
  • Course Breakdown
  • Introduction to TOR
  • Introduction to Hidden Services / Onion Services
  • Connecting to TOR

The TOR Browser

  • Section Intro & Breakdown
  • What is The TOR Browser?
  • Verifying & Installing TOR Browser on Windows
  • Verifying & Installing TOR Browser on Mac OS X
  • Verifying & Installing TOR Browser on Linux
  • TOR Bridges & Pluggable-Iransports
  • Bypassing TOR Censorship
  • Intro to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) & How to Use it with TOR
  • Configuring TOR Browser For Maximum Security and Anonymity
  • TOR Browser Security Settings & Intro to Information Theory

TAILS – The Amnesic Incognito Live System

  • Disadvantages of Using The TOR Browser on Windows, OS X or Linux
  • What is TAILS?
  • TAILS Installation Options
  • Installing TAILS From All Operating Systems
  • Starting TAILS on All Operating Systems
  • TAILS Basics
  • What is Persistence & Why We Need it!
  • Enabling Encrypted Persistence
  • Using The TOR Browser on Tails
  • Connecting to Captive Portals
  • Connecting to VPN From TAILS

Accessing the Dark Net – Entry Points

  • Introduction & Breakdown of Next Sections
  • Discovering Hidden Services Using Darknet Search Engines
  • Discovering Hidden Services Using Listings & Onion Services

Communicating Privately & Anonymously – Using Email

  • Creating a Fake Anonymous Identity
  • Using Temporary Email Accounts
  • Using Privacy Focused Email Providers
  • Using DarkNet Email Providers
  • Picking The Right Email Service

Communicating Privately & Anonymously – Instant Messaging

  • Introduction to Jabber / XMPP
  • Setting up XMPP with Pidgin
  • Enabling End-to-end Encryption in Pidgin
  • Verifying Contacts

File Management & File Sharing

  • Introduction
  • Clearing Metadata & Basic File Sharing
  • Sharing Files Privately and Anonymously
  • Securely Removing Files
  • Securely Wiping & Encrypting Storage Devices


  • What is Encryption and Why Its Important?
  • Introduction to Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
  • Generating a Pair
  • Importing and Exporting Keys
  • Encrypting and Decrypting Text
  • Introduction to Digital Signatures
  • Signing Messages and Verifying Signatures
  • Encrypting, Signing, Verifying and Decrypting Files
  • Using Key Servers


  • Introduction – Why Use Cryptocurrency?
  • What is Cryptocurrency and How It Works
  • Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin
  • Installing a Bitcoin Wallet
  • Creating a Bitcoin Wallet
  • Four Ways to Anonymously Get Bitcoins
  • Using Bitcoin ATMs
  • Using P2P Services
  • Sending and Receiving Bitcoins
  • Introduction to Mixers / Tumblers
  • Improve Bitcoin Anonymity Using Mixers

Cryptocurrencies – Monero

  • Introduction to Monero
  • Creating a Monero Wallet
  • Restoring Monero Wallet on TAILS
  • Four Ways to Anonymously Get Monero
  • Crypto-exchanges – Converting One Cryptocurrency to Another
  • Using a Crypto Exchanges to Increase Anonymity
  • Conclusion

Qubes OS

  • What is Qubes and Why Use it?
  • Installation Options and Verifying Qubes
  • Flashing Qubes to USB
  • Preparing Computer For Qubes
  • Installing Qubes
  • Qubes Basics
  • Overview of The Security Domains in Qubes
  • Working With Multiple Security Domains Simultaneously
  • Handling Files and Text Across The Different Security Domains
  • Installing Software to Specific Domains
  • Handling Malware/Viruses and Suspicious Files Securely
  • Connecting to TOR From Qubes Using Whonix Gateway
  • Installing Software on Whonix

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody interested in improving their privacy and anonymity.
  • Anybody interested in learning how to access the dark net safely.
  • Journalists, ethical hackers and security researchers.
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