Build Responsive Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS

Unlock the secrets of web development with our comprehensive free video course, “Build Responsive Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS.” Dive deep into the world of coding as we guide you through over 30 hours of engaging video content, equipping you with the skills to create dynamic and responsive websites.

In this educational journey, discover the power of HTML and CSS in crafting real-world websites that adapt seamlessly to various devices. From the fundamentals to advanced techniques, our expert-led course ensures a hands-on learning experience that caters to beginners and seasoned developers alike.

Become fully involved in the process of learning by doing; you will acquire useful knowledge and improve your skills at turning code into visually appealing web pages. As the course progresses, you’ll become an expert at creating websites that work seamlessly on many screen sizes in addition to having an amazing design.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Modern HTML and CSS Mastery:
  • Develop into a confident HTML and CSS developer with no prior knowledge required.
  • Real-World Portfolio Project:
  • Design and build a stunning real-world project from scratch to enrich your portfolio.
  • Semantic and Accessible HTML5:
  • Explore the world of modern, semantic, and accessible HTML5 for creating robust web structures.
  • Advanced CSS Techniques:
  • Master modern CSS, including flexbox and CSS Grid for intricate and responsive layouts.
  • Key CSS Concepts:
  • Grasp essential CSS concepts such as the box model, positioning schemes, inheritance, and conflict resolution.
  • Web Design Framework Implementation:
  • Implement a web design framework with user-friendly rules and guidelines for crafting visually appealing websites.
  • End-to-End Website Development Process:
  • Learn the complete website development process, from planning and sketching to testing and optimization.
  • Responsive Design Techniques:
  • Ensure your websites work seamlessly on every mobile device through responsive design strategies.
  • Utilizing Common Components:
  • Incorporate common components and layout patterns for professional website design and development.
  • Developer Skills Enhancement:
  • Develop crucial developer skills such as reading documentation, debugging, and utilizing professional tools.
  • Harnessing Free Design Assets:
  • Discover how to find and effectively use free design assets, including images, fonts, and icons.
  • Hands-On Challenges:
  • Practice and reinforce your skills with 10+ challenges, complete with solutions for effective learning.
  • Embark on this comprehensive learning journey to become a proficient web developer, equipped with a diverse

Course Content

1.Welcome and First Steps

  • Course Structure and Projects
  • Read Before You Start!
  • A High-Level Overview of Web Development
  • Setting Up Our Code Editor
  • Your Very First Webpage!
  • Downloading Course Material
  • Watch Before You Start!

2. HTML Fundamentals

  • Section Intro
  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Document Structure
  • Text Elements
  • More Text Elements: Lists
  • Images and Attributes
  • Hyperlinks
  • Structuring our Page
  • A Note on Semantic HTML
  • Installing Additional VS Code Extensions

3. CSS Fundamentals

  • Section Intro
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Styling next
  • Combining Selectors
  • Class and ID Selectors
  • Working With Colors
  • Pseudo-classes
  • Styling Hyperlinks
  • Using Chrome DevTools
  • CSS Theory #1: Conflicts Between Selectors
  • CSS Theory #2: Inheritance and the Universal Selector
  • CSS Theory The CSS Box Model
  • Using Margins and Paddings
  • Adding Dimensions
  • Centering our Page
  • CSS Theory #4: Types of Boxes
  • CSS Theory #5: Absolute Positioning
  • Pseudo-elements
  • Developer Skill #1: Googling and Reading Documentation
  • Developer Skill #2: Debugging and Asking Questions

4. Layouts: Floats, Flexbox, and CSS Grid Fundamentals

  • Section Intro
  • The 3 Ways of Building Layouts
  • Using Floats
  • Clearing Floats
  • Building a Simple Float Layout
  • box-sizing: border-box
  • Introduction to Flexbox
  • A Flexbox Overview
  • Spacing and Aligning Flex Items
  • The flex Property
  • Adding Flexbox to Our Project
  • Building a Simple Flexbox Layout
  • Introduction to CSS Grid
  • A CSS Grid Overview
  • Sizing Grid Columns and Rows
  • Placing and Spanning Grid Items
  • Aligning Grid Items and Tracks
  • Building a Simple CSS Grid Layout

5. Web Design Rules and Framework

  • Section Intro
  • Project Overview
  • Overview of Web Design and Website Personalities
  • Web Design Rules #1: Typography.
  • Implementing Typography
  • Web Design Rules #2: Colors
  • Implementing Colors
  • Web Design Rules #3: Images and Illustrations
  • Web Design Rules #4: Icons
  • Implementing Icons
  • Web Design Rules #5: Shadows
  • Implementing Shadows
  • Web Design Rules #6: Border-radius
  • Implementing Border-radius
  • Web Design Rules #7: Whitespace
  • Implementing Border-radius
  • Web Design Rules #7: Whitespace
  • Web Design Rules #8: Visual Hierarchy
  • Implementing Whitespace and Visual Hierarchy
  • Web Design Rules #9: User Experience (UX)
  • The Website-Personalities-Framework
  • The Missing Piece: Steal Like An Artist!

6. Components and Layout Patterns

  • Section Intro
  • Web Design Rules #10 – Pan 1: Elements and Components
  • Building an Accordion Component – Part 1
  • Building an Accordion Component – Part 2
  • Building a Carousel Component – Part 1
  • Building a Carousel Component – Part 2
  • Building a Table Component – Part 1
  • Building a Table Component – Part 2
  • CHALLENGE #1: Building a Pagination Component
  • Web Design Rules – Part 2: Layout Patterns
  • Building a Hero Section – Part 1
  • Building a Hero Section – Part 2
  • Building a Web Application Layout
  • Building a Web Application Layout – Pari 2

7. Omnifood Project — Setup and Desktop Version

  • Section Intro
  • The 7 Steps to a Great Website
  • Defining and Planning the Project (Steps 1 and 2)
  • Sketching Initial Layout Ideas (Step 3)
  • First Design and Development Steps (Step 4)
  • Responsive Design Principles
  • How rem and max-width Work
  • Building the Hero – Part 1
  • Building the Hero – Part 2
  • Building the Hero – Part 3
  • Building the Header
  • Building the Navigation
  • Setting Up a Reusable Grid
  • Building the How-lt-Works Section
  • -Parti
  • Building the How-it-Works Section – Part 2
  • Building the Featured-ln Section
  • Building the Meals Section – Part 1
  • Building the Meals Section – Part 2
  • Building the Meals Section – Part 3
  • Building the Testimonials Section – Part 1
  • Building the Testimonials Section – Part 2
  • Building the Pricing Section – Part 1
  • Building the Pricing Section – Part 2
  • Building the Features Part
  • Building the Call-To-Action Section
  • Building the Call-To-Action Section
  • Building the Call-To-Action Section
  • Building the Footer – Part 1
  • Building the Footer – Part 2
  • Parti
  • Building the Footer – Part 1
  • Building the Footer – Part 2

8. Omnifood Project — Responsive Web Design

  • Section Intro
  • How Media Queries Work
  • How to Select Breakpoints
  • Responding to Small Laptops
  • Responding to Landscape Tablets
  • Responding to Tablets
  • Building the Mobile Navigation
  • Responding to Smaller Tablets
  • Responding to Phones

9. Omnifood Project — Effects, Optimizations and Deployment

  • Section Intro
  • A Short Introduction to JavaScript
  • Making the Mobile Navigation Work
  • Implementing Smooth Scrolling
  • Implementing a Sticky Navigation Bar
  • Browser Support and Fixing Flexbox Gap in Safari
  • Testing Performance With Lighthouse
  • Adding Favicon and Meta Description
  • Image Optimizations
  • Deployment to Netlify
  • Making the Form Work With Netlify Forms

10. The End!

  • Where to Go from Here
  • My Other Courses + Updates

Requirements for Enrollment Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS:

  • No Coding or Design Experience Required:
  • This course is designed for beginners, so no prior coding or design experience is necessary.
  • Compatibility Across Operating Systems:
  • Any computer works seamlessly – whether it’s Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  • No Need to Purchase Software:
  • Save on costs as there is no requirement to buy any software; we will be utilizing the best free code editor globally.
  • Enroll hassle-free and start your coding journey with these simple prerequisites!

Course Audience Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS:

  • Aspiring Web Developers:
  • Ideal for complete beginners aiming to acquire the skills to construct professional, visually appealing, and responsive websites.
  • HTML and CSS Learners Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS:
  • Suited for students with some familiarity with HTML and CSS but facing challenges in assembling impressive websites.
  • Designers Seeking Expansion:
  • Perfect for designers looking to enhance their skill set by delving into the realms of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Join this course to meet your learning goals, whether you’re a newcomer or seeking to advance your existing knowledge in web development and design!

How long is the course Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS?

The course features 30+ hours of video content, providing an in-depth exploration of HTML and CSS for building responsive real-world websites.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our course caters to both beginners and experienced developers, offering a comprehensive learning experience that starts with the fundamentals and progresses to advanced techniques.

Is the course free Real-World Websites With HTML And CSS?

Yes, this is a free video course available on our website, Explore the world of web development at no cost and enhance your skills with our expert-led educational content.

Free today and empower yourself with the knowledge to build real-world websites that stand out in the digital landscape. It’s time to turn your coding aspirations into reality – click to enroll now HowToFree.ORG!

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