Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – Learn to Code Faster

Embark on a transformative learning odyssey with our exclusive free video course, “Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – Learn to Code Faster,” available only on howtofree.org. Dive deep into the intricacies of coding as you navigate through this meticulously crafted, comprehensive course, tailored to elevate your programming skills through the exploration of Object-Oriented Programming principles.

Unlock the secrets of efficient and organized coding with over 30 hours of captivating video content, designed to be your gateway to mastering the art of software development. Delve into essential OOP concepts, grasp hands-on coding techniques, and gain valuable insights that will empower you to write robust and scalable programs.

Whether you’re a novice seeking a solid foundation or an experienced coder aiming to refine your skills, this course provides a dynamic and immersive experience. Join us on this educational journey and accelerate your coding proficiency to new heights. Enrich your programming repertoire and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology. Start your learning adventure now, and code with confidence!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Unlocking the Power of OOP:
  • Gain a profound understanding of the advantages of leveraging Object-Oriented Programming for efficient and organized code.
  • Accelerated Python Programming:
  • Master the art of building programs swiftly in Python, enhancing your coding speed and proficiency.
  • Comprehensive Use of Classes and Instances:
  • Apply classes and instances seamlessly, supported by numerous examples, to bolster your programming toolkit.
  • Versatile Inheritance Techniques:
  • Explore the utilization of different inheritance types across various scales, expanding your knowledge of inheritance concepts.
  • Code and Data Integration with Encapsulation:
  • Learn the art of encapsulation, wrapping code and data into cohesive units for enhanced code organization.
  • Access Modifiers, Getters, and Setters Mastery:
  • Familiarize yourself with access modifiers and the effective use of getters and setters to control data access and modification.
  • Polymorphism Unleashed:
  • Dive into the world of polymorphism, applying this powerful concept in an object-oriented style through diverse examples.
  • Abstract Problem Solving in OOP:
  • Develop the skill of abstracting problems using Object-Oriented Programming principles in practical scenarios.
  • Comprehensive OOP Practice:
  • From foundational concepts to advanced levels, practice Object-Oriented Programming using Modern Python to elevate your coding prowess.
  • Instructor QA Support:
  • Benefit from dedicated instructor Q&A support throughout your learning journey, ensuring a guided and supportive educational experience.

Course Content

1. Module 1: Introduction to OOP

  • Course Overview
  • Tools for this course
  • Downloading Python Notes
  • Installing Python Notes
  • Installing VS Code Notes
  • How to Download Python in action
  • How to Install Python in action
  • How to download and install VS Code
  • What is OOP
  • Why Python
  • OOP Alternatives

2. Module 2: Classes and Objects in action

  • What is a class
  • What are Instances
  • What are Attributes
  • What is Constructor
  • Methods in Python
  • Multiple objects overview
  • Getting started with classes – Main Snake
  • Inserting Class attributes within the SnakeTemp
  • Method and modify properties for Snake
  • Apply Full Snake Template example
  • Addional Example – PersonTemp class
  • PersonTemp many instances different info
  • Complete PersonTemp class methods

3. Module 3: Using Inheritance in action

  • What is Inheritance
  • Example one Vehicle for single inheritance
  • Example of two Childs for Vehicle
  • Hands-on multiple inheritance

4. Module 4: Encapsulation, Getters, Setters, and Access Modifiers in action

  • What is Encapsulation
  • Access Modifiers overview
  • Getters and setters overview
  • Apply Encapsulation in action
  • Protecting data using modifiers
  • Protect data using getters and setters in action

5. Module 5: Polymorphism for different ways in action

  • What is Polymorphism
  • Apply Polymorphism using different Polymorphic functions
  • Polymorphism with Inheritance and Method Overriding in action

6. Module 6: Data Abstraction in action

  • What is Data Abstraction
  • Apply data abstraction in in depth


  • Python Fundamentals:
  • Acquaint yourself with the basics of Python to lay a solid foundation for this course.
  • Prerequisite Knowledge:
  • Ensure you have a grasp of fundamental Python concepts as a prerequisite for this course.
  • Python Proficiency:
  • Familiarity with the basics of Python programming is essential to fully engage with the content of this course.
  • Gear up for an enriching learning experience by meeting these prerequisites in Python proficiency.

Target Audience:

  • Aspiring Efficient Coders:
  • This course is designed for individuals eager to enhance their coding speed and efficiency.
  • Programmers and Software Developers:
  • Tailored for programmers, software developers, and software engineers looking to refine their coding skills.
  • Python Enthusiasts:
  • Ideal for Python developers seeking to deepen their understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.
  • OOP Learners:
  • Open to anyone keen on learning and practicing Object-Oriented Programming, irrespective of their coding background.
  • Empower your coding journey, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, by enrolling in this course designed for a diverse range of learners.

What is the main objective of this course?

Gain a better understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to produce better code. The goal of this course is to guide you through the fundamental concepts and practical applications of object-oriented programming.

How long is the course duration?

Our free video course spans over 30 hours, providing in-depth insights and hands-on experience to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Object-Oriented Programming.

Why choose howtofree.org for this course?

howtofree.org is committed to providing quality educational content. Our free video course on Object-Oriented Programming reflects this commitment, offering a rich learning experience to help you code faster and more efficiently.

Free on this educational journey with “Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – Learn to Code Faster” and discover the transformative power of structured coding. Start coding smarter today!

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