AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep – OCT 2023

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What You Will Learn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam:

  • Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Success: Acquire the skills needed to confidently pass the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals test.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Badge: Earn recognition by achieving the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge upon completion of the course.
  • Cloud Computing Essentials: Master the main concepts of cloud computing, equipping yourself with a solid foundation in this dynamic field.
  • Azure’s Services and Solutions: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the services and solutions offered by Azure, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft’s cloud platform.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Stay informed with the latest changes as the course includes continuous updates, ensuring you’re always learning with the most current information Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam.
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  • Explore what this course has to offer:
  • AZ-900 Exam Mastery: Prepare for success in the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals test and boost your confidence in the exam.
  • Certification Achievement: Attain the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge, showcasing your expertise in Azure fundamentals.
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Delve into essential cloud computing concepts, building a strong knowledge base in this evolving field.
  • Azure’s Offerings Unveiled: Understand the array of services and solutions provided by Azure, unlocking the potential of Microsoft’s cloud platform.
  • Stay Current: Benefit from continuous updates, ensuring you’re always on the cutting edge of Azure knowledge.

Course Content of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

1. AZ-SOO Course

  • LIVE DEMO: A quick look into Azure
  • AZ-900 Exam Requirements
  • Udemy Video Player
  • FAQS

2. AZ-900 – Describe Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Shared Responsibility Model
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Pricing
  • LIVE DEMO: Pricing Calculator
  • Section 2 Quiz

3. AZ-900 – Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • High Availability Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Scalability Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Elasticity Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Reliability Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Predictability Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Security Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Governance Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Managability Benefit of Cloud Computing
  • Section 3 Quiz

4. AZ-SOO – Cloud Service Types

  • Cloud Service Types
  • Serverless
  • Section 4 Quiz

5. AZ-900 – Core Architectural Components of Azure

  • Regions, Region Pairs, Sovereign Regions
  • Availability Zones and Data Centers
  • Resources and Resource Groups
  • Subscriptions
  • Management Groups
  • Section 5 Quiz Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

6. AZ-900 – Azure Compute and Networking Services

  • Azure Compute services
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Networking services
  • Network Peering
  • Public and Private Endpoints
  • Section 6 Quiz

7. AZ-900 – Azure Compute Demo

  • LIVE DEMO: Creating a Virtual Machine (VM)
  • LIVE DEMO: Connecting to a Virtual Machine
  • LIVE DEMO: Creating Azure App Services / Web Apps
  • LIVE DEMO: Azure App Services In Action
  • LIVE DEMO: Creating Azure Functions
  • LIVE DEMO: Kubernetes and Azure Container Instances
  • LIVE DEMO: Azure Container Apps
  • Reminder: How to Delete Azure Resources

8. AZ-900 – Azure Storage

  • Overview of Azure Storage
  • LIVE DEMO: Create an Unmanaged Storage Account
  • LIVE DEMO: Upload Files to a Storage Account
  • LIVE DEMO: Azure Storage Explorer & Storage Browser
  • Azure File Sync
  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Data Box
  • Section 8 Quiz

9. AZ-900 – Identity, Access and Security

  • Identity and Azure Active Directory
  • Benefits of Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory (Azure AD))
  • Authenication vs Authorization
  • Azure AD Conditional Access
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA)
  • Passwordless
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Zero-Trust Model of Security
  • Defense in Depth
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Section 9 Quiz

10. AZ-900 – Cost Management in Azure

  • Factors that Affect Cost
  • Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Resource Tags
  • Section 10 Quiz

22. AZ-900 – Azure Governance and Compliance

  • Azure Governance and Compliance
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Azure Policy
  • DEMO: Azure Policy
  • Resource Locks
  • Microsoft Purview
  • Section 11 Quiz

12. AZ-900 – Tools for Managing and Deploying Azure Resources

  • Azure Portal and Command Line Tools
  • LIVE DEMO: Create Resources Using Command Line
  • Azure Arc
  • Infrastructure as Code (laC)
  • ARM Templates
  • LIVE DEMO: Generate ARM Templates in the Azure Portal
  • Section 12 Quiz

13. AZ-900 – Monitoring Tools

  • Azure Advisor and Azure Service Health
  • Azure Diagnostics Settings
  • Azure Monitor
  • Section 13 Quiz



15. AZ-900 – Course Wrapup

  • Thank Youl
  • Course Resources – Study Guide, Slides, Audio
  • 50 Question Practice Test
  • Bonus: 50+ Hours of Hands-On Azure Practice for AZ-900


  • Excitement to Learn: Develop your skills on Microsoft’s ever-expanding cloud platform with a genuine passion for learning.
  • No Azure Account Needed: Dive into the course without the hassle of an Azure account or subscription. We’ve made it accessible and hassle-free for your convenience.

Discover if this course is right for you:

  • Non-Tech Enthusiasts Welcome: Tailored for non-technical individuals curious about cloud technology, this course offers a beginner-friendly exploration.
  • Technical Pros Planning Ahead: Perfect for technical professionals eyeing advanced certifications down the road, this course serves as a stepping stone for future achievements.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our course is designed for individuals at all levels, providing a solid foundation for beginners while offering valuable insights for those with prior knowledge.

How can I access the course content?

Simply visit and navigate to the “AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep” section to start your learning journey.

How can I access the course Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam?

The course is available for free on our website, Simply navigate to the AZ-900 course section to start your educational journey.

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